Back pain and locomotor problems are some of the main reasons why people visit their doctor`s office, and while there are many causes and treatments, there are also different devices, medical or not, which specialists often recommend because they can help people feel more comfortable and facilitate home care for the elderly or people with disabilities and medical problems. Power lift recliners are an example of such devices.

These items are available in stores and there are different types and offers. But many people are not familiar with them, not even by name. So, what are they and why are they worth buying?

power lift recliners Denver

A power lift recliner is a special mechanism built into a chair or sofa, which allows the adjustment of the user’s position, for extra comfort. In recent years, furniture models with such a device included have become more and more affordable and popular. Now they are not only used as medical devices, which help patients with locomotor problems to get up more easily, but also as relaxation devices, which can be found in beauty salons, offices, as well as in many homes.

The best power lift recliners Denver offers can relieve back pain simply because they relieve the weight-carrying function of the spine. By adjusting the position of their back and legs, users can achieve a relaxing posture, great for resting and even sleeping. Power lift recliners support the back, by preventing muscles from contracting.

Lifting your legs at the same time as tilting your back helps in many other medical conditions, such as varicose veins. Also, getting up and sitting down becomes significantly easier for people suffering from painful arthritis or locomotor problems. A power lift recliner also improves blood circulation and can even help people who experience difficult breathing; a semi-inclined body position reduces sleep apnea and snoring.

Beyond that, many people find these devices simply more comfortable than regular chairs or beds.

Design features

A chair or a sofa with power lift recliner has a sturdy design, but not much different from a standard chair. When the mechanism is activated, the backrest goes down and the lower part, which supports the legs, rises – and vice versa. Thanks to this mechanism, you can choose the position in which you feel most comfortable. Depending on the model, such a seat can include up to 7 changes. Manufacturers offer models with different types of control.

Mechanic. This option is one of the simplest and most affordable, but not everyone likes it. To lower the seat back you will have to make a small pushing effort, and to return the back to its original position you will need to pull a lever.

Electric. Such models are equipped with a control panel. The position will change once you press the desired button.

With sensors. Recliners with such features are more expensive and less popular at the moment. But their use is extremely simple – a light touch on the armrest is enough to enjoy the benefits of such a power lift recliner.

Different types of recliners have different advantages; it all depends on each user, their disabilities and what works best for their particular situation.