bulk LED lights

The new generation of LEDs outperforms even the most powerful energy-saving bulbs, with an ergonomic design that allows them a 360-degree lighting angle. LED bulbs can be used in interior lighting, for offices, schools, hospitals, shops, factories, hotels etc., therefore business owners and commercial facility managers are more and more interested in ways to find bulk LED lights.

Significant advantages of LEDs

  • Energy Efficiency: by replacing the classic filament lighting sources (incandescent bulbs) it is possible to achieve an energy saving of up to 80-90%. Comparatively, the efficiency of economical bulbs and neon lights is only 50%.
  • Lifespan: compared to incandescent bulbs, the lifespan of an LED lighting source is up to 50 times longer and up to 3 times longer than fluorescent lighting sources (economic light bulbs or neon lights).
  • Return on investment: taking into account the long lifespan (up to 50,000 hours), LED bulbs or lighting sources bring you return on your investment pretty soon and will help you saving money for as long as you use them.
  • Instant Lighting: Unlike compact fluorescent lighting sources (energy saving light bulbs or neon lights), LED bulbs light up almost instantly.
  • Eco-friendly lighting: About a fifth of the world’s electricity is used for lighting. In this context, LED lighting is a green option because LEDs do not contain mercury and significantly reduce carbon emissions. At the same time, they emit almost no ultraviolet (UV) rays.
  • Low Thermal Power: Of all the lighting sources, LED bulbs heat up the least and for this reason they can be used in lighting applications for heat sensitive products, such as works of art or food.
  • Durability: In general, LED lighting products are less sensitive to shocks or vibrations and are much more resistant to low temperatures than other alternative lighting sources, such as incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes.

If you are interested in purchasing more LED light bulbs and fixtures of the same kind for your business needs, you can turn to local or online wholesalers. They partner with different manufacturers and sell them in bulk, at affordable prices and in a wide range of models and colors, suitable for any type of space.

The advantages of purchasing LED lights in bulk are primarily related to lower costs. In addition, wholesalers have specialist advisors who can provide you with the best information about all products, simplify the selection process and help you navigate through technical features. In the case of online wholesalers, each product is presented in detail, has relevant photos, descriptions and data sheets to know exactly what you are buying. Orders placed online are honored quickly, because wholesaling stores have constantly updated stocks and offer a diverse range of LED bulbs for all types of installations and lighting needs.

In addition, wholesalers have contracts with the best manufacturers on the market that sell high quality products. Whether you buy from a local store or from an online wholesaler, purchasing bulk led lights may bring you discounts and other special offers that will keep your budgeting concerns down.