Use Pet Diapers Or Dry Powder To Remove Stains From CarpetThere are correct ways to remove the urine stains from your carpet, but also a lot of ways you can only worsen the situation. For example, it is not advisable at all to use soap/ regular detergents and water, or scented sprays to clean the stain and cover the unpleasant odor. Dogs have a very well developed sense of smelling, much more sensitive than humans and can detect the odor of their own urine regardless of the type or amount of detergent you have used.

Unfortunately, the fact that they can smell their urine or feces stimulates the excretion process. This means that accidents like this will reoccur. To get rid of this problem, existing stains must be removed using special, powerful detergents that contain aggressive enzymes that act in depth.

Dry powder detergents are an excellent solution for both wet and dry stains. Here is how you should use them.

When the stain is fresh and moist, spread dry powder and leave it there until the moisture is completely absorbed. There should be indications on the product`s package, including the time your should allow the dry powder to react. After the urine has been absorbed, simply use a vacuum cleaner to remove the residue.

In the case of old dry urine stains, make a liquid solution of dry powder and warm water, as indicated on the packaging, and use a spray to distribute it to the area. Let it work, and then dry the place completely, using a fan or a hairdryer.

Dry powder is formulated with enzymes that consume bacteria that produce the unpleasant odor, eliminating them permanently from any surface. The stain is immediately “attacked” by billions of enzymes that do not harm your health, or the health of your dog; they will not stop until they finish their job. In addition to eliminating odors, these products also contain substances that contribute to the cleaning process, release a pleasant odor and help the fibers in the carpet or other textile surfaces to return to their original shape.

It sounds like a television commercial for a cleaning product, but that’s the way it is.

Prevention is also very important. The most effective thing you can do to avoid carpet urination in the near future is to make sure the animal is getting the right education. If you have an older dog, this process can take a little longer than the time allocated to a younger dog. If you know your dog has been trained not to urinate in the house but he still does it, you should take him to a veterinarian to make sure that his tendency to pee indoors is not a symptom of some serious health problems.  If all is well with them, you can use pet diapers too to eliminate the bad behavior in the first place!

Above all, throughout the behavioral correction process, you should be gentle with your dog. These accidents can happen and it is good to keep in mind that they are not a deliberate attempt to sabotage your carpet. So treat your friend with love and patience – you will both enjoy this constructive attitude.