Finding vape pen suppliers can be a bit challenging, especially if you plan to open a vape shop and need reliable wholesalers. It should not so difficult to find them on the internet, but… are they genuine, or just Chinese scammers that you should never deal with?

How can you know for sure?

The first piece of advice is to try to look for a local or domestic supplier, and here is why:

  • A USA based supplier is easier to be verified and tracked, and it is more likely to respect the international safety standards than foreign scam companies that sometimes produce fake certifications
  • With a domestic supplier, it is easier to negotiate and you will always have the necessary support in English
  • Reliable domestic suppliers typically carry liability insurance – which is essential. Remember that if some kind of accident happens and you do not have liability cover, you can lose everything and it is unlikely that you can afford it.

The most important details to focus on when it comes to wholesale vape pen suppliers

  • Look for a registered Denver pipe shops wholesaler, which guarantees quick delivery and keeps its promises
  • Make sure that the wholesaler provides you access to all the products that you need – vape pens and accessories – in order to cover the demand from your clients
  • Choose a supplier able to offer you guarantees as well as evidence that the products comply with regulations
  • You should also be interested in receiving Point-of-Sale materials, to help you sell the purchased products
  • Always read the terms and conditions of a potential supplier and make sure that you agree with them
  • Choose a wholesaler which can deliver the goods in the right time, otherwise you risk losing credibility in the eyes of your clients

Remember that reliable suppliers are always interested in developing a good collaboration with their clients, therefore some may also offer support and advice for selling some products, which constitutes a great help especially for vape shop owners who just started their business and who need more knowledge and information necessary to show their clients how a vape pen works, which are the needed accessories, the safety measures etc.

Here is what wholesale vape pen suppliers should offer:

  • Good prices, discounts and promotions
  • A large selection of brands, top quality products and all vaporizer accessories (replacement parts, scales, vape cases, grinders and more)
  • Up-to-date information and product education (the benefits associated with vape pens, posters and brochures to promote your sales etc.)
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, including the possibility to return unsold products
  • The promise to process all warranty replacements for sold vape pens and accessories
  • Assistance for your website etc.

Things to beware of when you buy vape pens from wholesale suppliers

  • Fake sellers and fake certifications
  • Low-quality products
  • Prices too good to be real
  • Incorrect labeling that doesn`t respect the international regulations
  • Good quality products to start with, followed by progressive deteriorating quality
  • Unregistered suppliers that provide fake contact information or are unavailable when you need them.

Keep these tips in mind and you will have no problem finding good Denver pipe shops.