Are you tired of fighting bugs and other insects? Do rodents or wildlife poze dangers to your crops? Traditional pest control methods do not work as they should and you are considering ways to improve their efficiency? You can benefit of the wonders of the pest-fighting technology: pest control devices are now affordable and widely available. They can help you forget about rats, spiders, mosquitoes, flies and other organisms that may affect your health, economy and environment.

You do not have to spend money on toxic substances anymore, that may affect your health, as well as the health of your family members, including your pets and other animals in the household. Poisons and traps can now be replaced with environmental-friendly electronic devices able to keep pests away with electromagnetic pulses and ultrasounds.

Yes, it is as easy as it sounds.

What about the controversies?

There are still different opinions surrounding the efficiency of these devices. Some agree that they repel various pests, while other testimonies say that ultrasounds have no visible effects on organisms like ants or spiders. The truth is somewhere in the middle and if you want efficiency you must pay some attention to what you are buying. In other words, there are manufacturers that fabricate low-quality devices which will not work as expected, but on the other hand, there are also manufacturers that stand behind their work, creating devices for different types of pests, with a very high efficiency rate. Even more, these devices are continually improved, as the researches progress, so their performance will become even better in the future.

Characteristics of these devices

The devices designed for pest control are typically small, lightweight, with a modern design that allows them to be easily handled and inserted into the socket. Their signal can cover a bigger or smaller area, depending on their capacity, they work exclusively with electricity and generate no dangerous emissions. In other words, they are safe and require no expertise from the users.

As mentioned before, these devices repel the pests, so you will not be obligated anymore to deal with dead or trapped insects and animals.

Some of the most popular types of pest control devices

  • Anti-rodent devices

Electromagnetic waves are perceived by rodents as small earthquakes that chase them away to places that ultrasounds cannot reach. The emitted ultrasounds are harmless to humans but particularly disturbing to rodents. These small devices are the ideal way to get rid of these pests, especially where the use of poisons or other chemical substances is not indicated.

  • Anti-insect and anti-bug devices

Ultrasounds work well against insects and bugs too, and these electronic devices are a modern method in the fight against their invasion into our homes. Insects and bugs can cause damage by spreading germ-causing microorganisms, as well as diseases such as salmonella and tuberculosis. Insect and bug repellent devices are ideal for use in inhabited areas, in basements, backyards, offices, and cottages.

Other pest repellent devices include:

  • Marten and mole repellents
  • Ant repellents
  • Flea and tick repellents
  • Wooden carries repellents.