Drummers have their own preferences and most of them like to have the opportunity to choose their percussion accessories. If you get stuck in choosing, our guide will help you and save you time and money.

A suggestion for beginners: if you have no experience at all and you are not even familiar with the instrument itself, you should consult an expert before purchasing your accessories.

Important drum accessories


An element that should not be neglected from the drum set is hardware. Things like cases for the instruments, stands, holders etc. are items without which you cannot work. Their choice depends very much on the type of the percussion instrument. Complete drum sets are an exception, as they already contain the hardware, besides the other accessories.

Electronic sound percussion accessories

If you choose an electronic drum set, you need to ensure its sounds. This can be solved with a special device with active speakers or with headphones.

Tuning accessories

Since not every set has an absolute pitch, you will need tuning accessories and keys that will help you position the membranes.


Practice accessories

Practice metronomes are very important for improving your drumming skills. Nowadays, there are modern digital metronomes based on programs with various functions.  There are also practice pads with electronic metronomes for different types of drums (snare, marching etc. They do not make any sound, but are very helpful in coordinating hands and exercising joints. These pads are also used by professional drummers., during their practice.

Protective covers and floor mats

Every drummer should protect their instruments with covers. You can choose from different types of soft covers, or hard covers (cases). Another necessary accessory is the floor mat placed under the drum set, which is used to protect both the instrument and the floor.

Headphones and earplugs

A drummer’s hearing is particularly solicited and it should be protected with earplugs or special headphones.

drum accessories

Sticks and drum heads

A special category consists in drum sticks and heads – the accessories responsible with the type of sound produced by the instrument.

How to find great deals for these necessary accessories

  • Compare instruments (features, prices etc.) in different stores
  • Figure out how much you are willing to spend on the drum accessories you need
  • Determine your goal: will you use your drum set as a starter kit and upgrade it later, or do you want something that you will practice and play on for a long time?
  • Be prepared to compromise on some things, especially if you are on a budget
  • Look for used drums. If you are a little patient and maybe also willing to put together a drum set from elements purchased separately, from different places, you can get yourself an excellent instrument. Do not buy the first thing you see; spend some time on checking what is available on Amazon, eBay or local pawnshops, read descriptions and shop policies, see what is convenient for you – all these will help you recognize a good deal when you see it.