Knowing your body is essential for being able to put together and to pursue the right fitness plan – fortunately, with the most modern assessment method called DNA fitness testing now anyone can find out exactly what type of workout is best for their genetics and what exercises should be avoided because they will not deliver the expected results or can be harmful. Whatever your goal is, whether you are looking for the best way to build muscle, to lose weight, to become healthier or to maintain the level of fitness that you have already accomplished, DNA testing can certainly help you.

dna fitness testing - how it works

What is, in fact, DNA Fitness Testing?

Numerous experts, including geneticists, nutrition experts and fitness trainers have worked for long years on developing a testing method that reveals the test subject’s genetic blueprint for fitness. They have identified the genes to be tested for such purposes – there are actually dozens of them that are analysed during the tests – and they have also determined the other factors, such as body weight, current diet and general lifestyle, that can influence fitness levels, developing a method that takes into consideration both the client’s genetic blueprint and environmental factors.

Who Needs to Be Tested?

Anyone who wants to make sure that their efforts in the gym are rewarded with the right result, anyone who wants to be sure that they waste no energy on exercises that are genetically unsuitable for them, anyone who wants to optimize the efficiency of their workout sessions.

How to Get Started

The dna fitness testing starts with collecting a genetic sample, then analysing it in a lab. The results will reveal much more than the perfect workout – it will help you accompany your workout efforts with the right type of diet by telling you exactly which foods can jump-start and boost your metabolism and what food slow your body or are hard for it to digest.

The process starts with ordering the testing kit and collecting the sample. All you need to do after that is to send the sample to the address provided by testing company, then to wait for the test results.

The testing process is targeted, conducted to find out exactly what you want to know about your body, especially about your metabolism and about the ways you can make it deliver the expected results. You will find out more not only about how your unique metabolism works, but also about what exercise you should include into your routine to optimize your body’s response to effort – the testing reveals a lot about the specific body areas that are more prone to injuries and also about the best and easiest way to obtain perfect recovery, should a strain or other minor accident happen.

The Costs Involved

DNA fitness testing uses the latest achievements of medical science, but the fee you will have to pay is surprisingly low, usually a couple of hundred dollars – if you calculate how much can be spent on useless, fad diets and useless workout plans, this scientifically grounded fitness program is definitely worth the money.